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The Blue Lagoon in Comino, Malta

The famous Blue Lagoon in Comino!

The Blue Lagoon in Comino Malta is a very well-known tourist attraction famous for its crystal clear waters! Since it’s a very popular spot the best way to enjoy the magnificent sea is to visit by boat and avoid the crowd on the island.

Apart from the beautiful sea one can head on the island for a walk on Comino and visit the tower of Santa Maria where you could enjoy the open sea views of Malta, Gozo and part of Comino. Comino has only a few buildings around which, Apart from the Comino Hotel, there is a small chapel, a police station, a small cemetery, a farm and the Santa Maria tower. Only a few people still live on the island. 

Quick Fact: Comino is 3.5 km² !

Snorkelling is a MUST ! Usually sea around Comino especially at the Blue Lagoon which usually it is surrounded by Saddled Bream (Kahli in Maltese) this makes it a bonus for underwater photographs and videos. Snorkelling equipment will be available at request on the boat for you to enjoy exploring the clear turquoise waters!

For the divers Comino also offers a wreck as a dive site. The P31 is found at just 25m and the top part at only 7m underwater. P31 is an ex-military patrol boat that was used by the Armed Forces of Malta which was put on Comino’s sea bed in 2009 as an attraction for divers. Since the P31 sits on a bed of sand and the sea is clear, the P31 is most of the time visible when going past the marker buoy by boat.

Peak season in Comino is between June and August, in fact most bookings are pre-booked months in advance! We suggest early booking to avoid any disappointment.

If you are planing to visit Malta, Contact us and we can help you visit Comino or any other place around Malta and Gozo using one of our private boat charters!

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